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At the very beginning our company Czech Absinth s.r.o. set as it's main business goal the manufacturing and distribution of a First Class Premium Absinthe.

By extreme efforts we have reached our goal today.

Over the years of the hard work in very close cooperation with an excellent Absinthe specialist Mr. Martin Sebor together, we have developed, leaning on the very old tradition, an excellent brand new product, namely Czech Absinth Strong.

During this time period of development and research we have officially promoted other Mr. Sebor's products and became the pioneers in the distribution of the finest Absinthe to be found on the planet.

In 2002 our company became entirely independent and started it's own production, specialized on the Czech Absinth line. The cooperation with the Martin Sebor Distillery still continued.

However, after the sudden death of Mr.Martin Sebor in July 2003 the production of his distillery has been shut down, the distillery closed and our cooperation has been definitely terminated.

Right at the beginning of the cooperation with Mr. Sebor the first product of the line was born; namely Czech Absinth Strong. The basic idea was to create the top quality high end product, exactly as it was a hundred years ago. The entire herbal composition was very carefully selected with the focus on future top quality product. Already the first results, short after the market presentation, were direct amazing. The product climbed in a short all the way to the top and became the top-notch Absinthe, basically over night.

Currently we continue in the research and development of the new products of the Absinthe-line.

Our principle #1 is: Stay with the mother nature and never use any kind of artificial colorings, artificial flavors, stabilizers or whatsoever chemicals.

The final product must be made strictly of natural ingredients.That's why our products are correctly known as typically natural products.

The old version of Czech Absinth Strong
(The rest of the old stock - end 2003 ).
  New version of Czech Absinth Strong since 2002

  • Supply of 1.a) Premium high-end Absinthe.
  • Customized production ( Only wholesalers )
    • set your own alcohol level between 50 - 70 %
    • set your own wormwood (thujone) level between 2 mg - 5000 mg per kg
      (standard E.U. 10 mg per kg) (ask for details)
    • decide about the shape and size of the bottle
    • decide about your own labels
    • decide about your own packaging

Ask for quote and for minimum order.

For more information please contact us.


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