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60% alc./vol. 0,7 Liter (700 ml)


(The trademark Reg.No.269591) - from Czech Absinth s.r.o. Distilleries, top of the line, that belongs in every household for various occasions, brings always a little sunshine in your life on some rainy day, will satisfy all specialty herbal alcoholic beverage lovers through its high content of more than 25 various top quality herbs, included the famous artemisia absinthium (wormwood or thujone). It is recommended to drink it in small doses for its well known hallucinogenic effects and ecstasy. In small doses it does not cause any health damage at all, on the contrary it has a healing effects, supports digestion and enjoyed in moderation works as an excellent aphrodisiac.Our principle #1 is: Stay with the mother nature and never use any kind of artificial colorings, artificial flavors, stabilizers or whatsoever chemicals.No aditivum (E102 etc.)!

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